Govan Together was an enquiry into what makes a resilient, resourceful community in an urban setting. Funded by the Climate Challenge fund, the project was a collaboration between six organisations based in Govan (the Pearce Institute, the Galgael Trust, Leg Up Community Garden, Govan and Linthouse Parish Church, The Centre For Human Ecology, and Fablevision). We worked along side each other to discover and celebrate the resources that are here in Govan and to transform the story that is told about Govan from “post industrial decline, poverty and unemployment” to a vibrant, resourceful, liveable place”.  Supporting resourcefulness, Govan Together was committed to building on the strengths of the community – empowering people who are taking ownership and responsibility for their community and uncovering and making use of the fantastic resources Govan has already on its doorstep.

Govan Together spanned a year from April 2011 to March 2012 and hosted many exciting events within the community. We had a community “mapping” day at the Pearce Institute with an open topped bus tour exploring the sites of interest around Govan so that we could see our community through new eyes. There was our Reclaiming Christmas event where people in the community were encouraged to make handmade food and gifts for loved ones or to donate to the wider community so that Govan could RECLAIM the true meaning of Christmas from commercialisation. We also enjoyed a Burns night with a difference with to celebrate the values that we share with our national hero and even a saucy “Cabaret and Comedy Night” with everything from singing, comedians and instrumental turns to some fantastic Burlesque performances.

The key to the success of these events was the weekly Tuesday evening shared meal and “Govan Conversation” events held at the Pearce Institute hosted by the Leg Up Community Garden and the Centre for Human Ecology.  The meals were vegetarian and made by local volunteers. These weekly meals are now ongoing and Govan Together lives on through them. Participants include a growing number of new organisations and local people as well as many of the original ones.

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