Fair Glasgow-The Journey

Working with 10 young members of the Showpeole community, facilitated by artist and doctoral researcher Tara S Beall and architect, Andrew McAvoy, Fablevision collaborated with the Showman’s Guild, the Scottish Traveler’s Education Project, the Fairground Community Group, Riverside Museum to research the intangible cultural heritage of Showpeople in Scotland. The project had a dual purpose: at a national level, to ensure there is in depth understanding of Showpeople culture and heritage at the level of Scottish Government (including an exploration of why that culture is severely under threat in the 21st Century), within Museums collections and amongst the general public. At a local level, in Govan, to restore the Fair to its rightful place.  For centuries, Govan has been the traditional home of Fair folks: Govan Old Church is still seen by many as their own place of worship and the Govan Fair was an important annual event in their calendar. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Your Heritage programme, our challenge in the Fair Glasgow project was to enrol Showpeople representatives in the exploration, raise awareness of an important traditional way of life and to restore traditional links between the Showpeople and the wider community in Govan.


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