Fablevision was founded in 1984 in Glasgow, Scotland. The company has always placed the arts, people and learning at the core of its work. Much of the work of the company has been in communities across Scotland but we have also delivered projects in Ireland and South Africa.

Raising Horizons – Fulfilling Dreams

Fablevision is based in Glasgow with a remit is to support the development of Cultural Planning in Scotland.

We fulfill our remit by creating projects that demonstrate the added value of creative approaches in policy and planning: projects that engage, involve, train and provide employment opportunities for the hardest to reach and furthest from the workplace

Fablevision’s  impact  therefore, is principally in employability:
– reaching hard to reach 16 – 25-year-olds (and older, disadvantaged unemployed people)

– developing skills for employment, planning and policy within marginalised communities.

We achieve our impact in two main ways

1.     Project development and delivery: delivering cultural planning approaches within different policy agendas like regeneration (from Ruchazie Ruchazie in 1990 through Royston Road Project at the turn of the century to SPARR in 2008), social policy (from Birds of Paradise in 1992 to Transform TV in 2009), and urban planning (from Linthouse Urban Village in 2003 to Govan’s Cultural and Heritage Campus in 2010).

2.     Cultural Planning Training: moving towards SQA approved awarding body status, Fablevision’s aspiration is to develop and accredits courses in cultural planning, creative and cultural industry skills (including modern creative apprenticeships)

After 37 years of charitable activity, Fablevision has developed a model suitable for the delivery of its mission: the Fablevision “group” of companies, which incorporates a social enterprise model.

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