Fablevision has worked collaboratively with the Govan Fair Association in various ways over several decades. For the first time, however, three projects have come together (Fair Glasgow, We are Listening and the Old Govan Fair – A Festival for the Future) to allow real focus on a rejuvinated Fair in 2014 and a programme of development  work with the committee until at least the end of the year.

Having supported the Govan Fair Association committee to access funding from Awards for All (2013) and the Celebrate Fund (2014), Fablevision has been able, for the first time, to deliver focussed support and commitment to the trustees of the Fair (local volunteers who have held the space for decades). This herculean team effort has paid off and we are delighted to report that for the first time in almost a decade, the funfair returned to Elder Park for the 2014 Govan Fair (6th and 7th June 2014). 

Fablevision supports the Govan Fair Association to re-invent the ancient Govan Fair as a Festival for the Future.

Since Early 2013, this has happened in different ways:

The Heritage Lottery Funded Fair Glasgow Project allowed us to explore the intangible history and heritage of Showfolks nationally.

A partnership with Police Scotland called We Are Listening allowed us to work with representatives of the Police locally and nationally to develop new creative partnership policing methodologies. The Govan Fair, with its historic issues of anti-social behaviour and gang warfare in Elder Park, was the obvious choice as a trial ground for new approaches.

For more information on We Are Listening, see here: http://wearelistening.org.uk/

Visit www.govanfair.wordpress.org for more information.

See here for some film footage of the Govan Fair 2014 made for the Govan Fair Association by Fablevision Studios:

See here for the schools outreach project delivered for the Govan Fair by Fablevision volunteers.

Some coverage from STV here:

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